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The eagerly anticipated Creative Arts summer show took place at the established south London music venue and pub, The Fox and Firkin. To celebrate the end of the academic year, Music students performed live as a part of their final project. 

During the event, a variety of musical talent was showcased from singers to rappers to guitarists to drummers. The show was an opportunity for the students to display the techniques they learnt in their course to a live audience who enjoyed a mixture of original music and covers of well-known songs from different genres, including R&B, rap, pop, metal, rock and electro.

Annette Cast, Principal at Southwark College said: We are delighted to have seen our Music students’ talent shine through during this year’s Creative Arts summer show. 

“A combination of their hard work, dedication and talent has allowed them to flourish into well-rounded performers and stage production specialists. It was a pleasure hearing the positive feedback received and I look forward to seeing what they produce next.

Joshua Hunt, music student at Southwark College, said: “This year’s Creative Arts summer show was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the knowledge and skills we have developed throughout the year. We pulled off a cohesive and engaging show and the turn out and feedback was amazing. This performance has given me a sense of accomplishment and helped to build my confidence further.

Jon Fell, Head of Creative Arts at Southwark College, commented: “This show represented a year’s worth of practicing, writing, and recording for our Music students. They did fantastically well, one of the best music final shows I’ve seen. It was great to see them working together so well, and plainly enjoying each other’s contributions. There was a big turnout from friends and family who were warmly appreciative of the talent on display.

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