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Website accessibility

This website is designed to be accessible to all users, enabling you to find the information you want easily and quickly. We have built the website to be enjoyable to use, whether you are viewing it on a computer, tablet or phone, and whichever browser you are using.

This site is WCAG AA compliant, meeting the latest best practice standards for accessibility.

We have used a number of features to make the website accessible, including:

  • Pages are structured in a semantic way that improves screen reader efficiency
  • Text is in a web-friendly font and size
  • All images have ALT tags (text descriptions)
  • PDF documents are optimised for web viewing

Accessibility instructions

You can customise the way the way the website looks to suit your own needs and preferences, using the instructions below:

Changing text size

Internet Explorer: Select the 'View' menu > Select 'Text Size' > Choose your preferred text size

Safari: Select the 'View' menu > Select 'Text Size' > Increase or decrease the text size with your mouse or by using the up and down arrow keys and press 'Enter '.

Alternatively you can press 'Ctrl' and '+' to increase the text size, and 'Ctrl' and '-' to decrease the text size. Use 'Ctrl' and '0' to return to the default size.

Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape: Select the 'View' menu using your mouse > Select 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'.

Opera: Select the 'View' menu using your mouse > Select 'Zoom'.

Screen resolution

You can also change your computer's screen resolution, which will allow you to make the whole screen larger or smaller:

Windows: Select Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings.

Apple Macintosh: select System Preferences > Displays > Resolution.

We hope you enjoy using our website. For more information on the accessibility of our website, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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